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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

If you are interested in what the Shed is doing or planning to do, then you are welcome,  irrespective of age or where you live (as long as you are male and 18 or over).  Currently we are not able to accept anyone under 18 years due to insurance issues. 

How much does it cost to be a member?

The annual membership fees are $100 a year.

What does the membership include?

Free use of all equipment (once you have been safety trained and accredited), access to the Shed during any of the sessions, supply of minor consumables (glue, hardware etc).  There may be a small fee for some of the specific training for example the welding, this is to cover consumable costs. 

Do I need any previous experience in woodwork or metal work to join?

Not at all... within our membership there is a lot of expertise so there will be people to help you.  All our members will undertake a safety induction for the general workshop and any machinery you may want to use.  Whenever the Shed is open, there will always be a supervisor present who can either help you or find someone else who can.

If I want to undertake an activity that the shed currently does not provide, what should I do?

Come and talk to us!  There may be other members who are also interested, in which case we will try to accommodate your activity. However, we are a volunteer organisation so any new initiative will be driven by the members (i.e., you!). 

Do you run courses?

Not currently, although safety training and accreditation is provided for most activities and equipment, The Shed is completely volunteer run and some of our experienced members do run short courses on a variety of topics.  Most of the learning is mentor based.

Have a question?

Give our President a call - Gary Gaunt